Book - Urban Knit Easy by Leeni Hoimela

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Book - Urban Knit Easy by Leeni Hoimela
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Scandinavian knitting patterns are simple, uncluttered and timeless. The patterns in this book guarantee that even beginners will succeed!

Urban Knit Easy - Effortless & Modern Knits perfectly reflects the Nordic lifestyle. Style doesn't mean complications, it's classic and effortless. Easy, urban and casual knits are designed to be so simple that anyone who wants to relax and wear something they've made themselves will dare to pick up their needles.

This book will show you how to knit your very first garment - a toque, socks, sweater and cardigan - before moving on to more challenging patterns as you improve. The instructions are designed so that beginners can follow the simplest techniques. If you're an expert, add the finishing touches of a professional. No matter what your skill level, fine-tuned details will help you achieve stunning results.

This book presents a modern vision of knitting: all sweaters and cardigans are worked seamlessly from top to bottom, socks from toe up. You'll find lots of clever advice on choosing materials and making adjustments to add your own personal touch. The book also includes numerous photographic tutorials.

In English, hardcover

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