Knitting Kit - Artus Shawl by Natasja Hornby

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Knitting Kit - Artus Shawl by Natasja Hornby
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Artus is a rich tapestry of textures and colors. The mosaic border is easy to work with and allows for creative color combinations that always yield fantastic results.

Artus is not a dainty piece; rather, it's a substantial scarf with a distinct presence. It stands out and adds character to any outfit while keeping you warm. It's both eye-catching and functional, a true statement piece.

Artus is a triangular shawl that can be worked from top to bottom, from the center outwards. The shawl features narrow bands of 1x1 color created using the jacquard technique. The shawl's eye-catching border is worked using the mosaic technique, keeping only one yarn in each row.

Knitting kit includes:

  • 450 g of 5 different colors of Pernilla by Filcolana (100% wool)

You will need (not included in the kit):

Difficulty level: Intermediate

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