Blocking Set by CocoKnits

By CocoKnits

Blocking Set by CocoKnits
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Product Details



Product details

Very fine velvet and slightly barbed

the fabric coating gently grips your knitwear without pilling.


can be assembled in a variety of sizes, ranging from a square for sweater pieces, a long rectangle for scarves or a triangle for shawls

Thick waterproof EVA backing

suitable for use on any surface as moisture will not seep through

holds pins firmly in place

blocked items dry faster than with towels because the tiles do not absorb water

Formamide and formaldehyde free

heat resistant

essential for steam blocking


blocks are stored in a sturdy 14 "x14" bag

This set includes:

18 interlocking, fiber-covered EVA foam tiles, each measuring 12" × 12"

40 stainless steel T-pins

48" square cotton fabric woven with 1" squares to help measure your finished piece

A sturdy burlap bag to hold the kit

Blocking tutorial by CocoKnits

Colours may appear different from screen to screen. 

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