Fruity Herbal Teas 5 * 60 ml by Mishka

By Mishka

Fruity Herbal Teas 5 * 60 ml by Mishka
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What if we offered HAPPINESS?

The Discovery Packs are a perfect gift to give and to treat yourself to discover the different flavors.

Delicious recipes are even suggested in each package. From herbal tea to lemonade to cocktails, everyone will find the perfect way to consume their Mishka jar. Pure happiness.

Summer Heat, Dewy Sweetness, Woody Space, Autumn Memory and Maple Scent

Delicious and surprising, Mishka's fruity herbal teas are natural, handcrafted and made from simple and noble ingredients... fruits, fruits and fruits, freshly squeezed lemon juice as well as a hint of organic cane sugar and a pinch of spices. Their rich colors seduce and comfort. As the last sip becomes a memory, the richly flavored pieces of fruit taste great with a spoon. The experience is complete!

100% natural ingredients.

✔️ Nut free ✔️ Gluten free ✔️ No preservatives ✔️ No dairy products ✔️ No artificial flavors

A LOCAL product filled with FRUIT, FRUIT, and FRUIT, that will make all your beverages EXCEPTIONAL!

2 to 3 generous teaspoons of Mishka fruit will add a touch of magic to any beverage.

Add them to a cup of hot water for an incomparable herbal tea, to your glass of wine for a Sangria, or to your sparkling water, your cocktails, champagne, etc...

The happiness is at its peak when you bite into the delicious fresh fruit salad in your glass.

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