Kit - Botanical print on silk scarf by Dahlia Milon Textile

By Dahlia Milon Textile

Kit - Botanical print on silk scarf by Dahlia Milon Textile
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Dahlia's intention with this botanical printing kit is to introduce you to the pleasures of plant dyeing and at the same time have you experience an encounter with nature, flowers and your creativity.

Using flowers that she has grown in her dye plant garden in Kamouraska, she invites you to dye your own organic cotton bandana. In order to simplify this creative moment, the fabric has already been mordanted, meaning that it is ready to be dyed.

This creative activity is a moment that we allow ourselves or our children to create with nature.

It is an invitation to wear our territory, to dress with respect for it as well as for ourselves and to form a new relationship with the plants that surround us.

Kit includes:

  • 11" x 60" pre-etched silk scarf
  • Illustrated explanatory booklet (in french)
  • Link to an explanatory video (in french)
  • 5 dye plants grown in Kamouraska
  • Rope and parchment paper

The large variety of flowers included in the kit allows you to dye your silk scarf in a warm or cool tone according to your taste!

Creative project lasting 2 hours

Level of difficulty: Beginner

Public: 5 years old to 105 years old

Materials needed: cooking pot and and containers

*For children, the cooking step requires the supervision of a parent

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