Recycled Wood Buttons by Rose Lafleur

By Rose Lafleur

Recycled Wood Buttons by Rose Lafleur
À pois Dasmask Feuille Feuilles de vignes Mandala Motif 5 Petites feuilles noires Uni
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These pretty recycled wood buttons will brighten up your knitting!

Once upon a time, in the forests of the Laurentians, Rose Lafleur!

While walking peacefully in the woods, she picks up branches that nature has dropped on her path.

It is with love and passion that she transforms every inch of this precious wood into a small work of art.

Each knob has been sealed with two coats of epoxy, giving them a glossy finish and exceptional durability in the washing machine.
(Dryer not recommended)

These wooden knobs will bring a warm touch to all your projects!

Knobs may vary slightly from the images shown
Varying from 1 inch and 1/4 to 1 inch and 1/2
Varies from 5 to 7 mm
Varies in image layout
Varies in color and knots 

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