Knitting sock

What type of yarn is best for socks?

To knit socks, a “fingering” weight yarn is recommended, and it should knit up to 28 stitches per 10cm (4 inches). A little nylon in the fiber ensures longer wear.

What size needles are required to knit socks?

2.5mm needles are recommended, or go up or down a size to obtain a swatch with 28 stitches per 10cm. Aim for a sock that hugs the foot, tightly knit, in order to reduce rubbing or slipping, which will wear out the socks prematurely.

Heel flap or short-row heels

Heel flaps add extra thickness to the back of socks, which adds greatly to the durability. See the following tutorial for heel flaps.  

Short row heels knit up much faster than heel flaps but are less durable. See the following tutorial for short row heels.


Washable, durable wool socks!

To become your favourite socks, the yarn must be durable and machine washable, so a little nylon content is important.

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