Yarn Gauges/Weights

Yarn weights are a mystery to many knitters – but it is important to know them to choose the right yarn weight (thickness) for your project.

Here is a chart with the most commonly used yarn weights - from the finest to the thickest yarns. The number of stitches per inch are listed on the right side and assume a regular tension for the yarn when knitted with the recommended needle size. The more stitches per inch, the finer the yarn.

French translation Nb. of stitches for 10cm* Needles mm*
lace dentelle 32-34 2.25
light fingering laine à bas fine 32 2.5
fingering laine à bas 28 2.75
sport 24-26 3
DK 20-22 4
Worsted peignée 18-20 5
Aran 16-18 5.5
Bulky 14-15 6
Super Bulky 12 8

* There is some variance within certain categories. 10cm = 4 inches

To buy your yarn online by fiber weight, it's this way!