Our team


Our veteran! A master of techniques. Generous with her time and eager to see her students succeed. She knits all our shawl projects, she also knits one for every occasion & probably every room of her home! She is an expert in colourwork and in knitting ladies’ & men’s sweaters. She loves to knit for all members of her family.


Soft spoken and attentive, she knits everything!! She loves variety in her projects whether in the patterns, styles, fibers or colours.


Our speed-knitter - despite raising 4 children! She knits a lot of sweaters. Her favorite technique is Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Sewn Bind-Off. And she swatches larger samples, and even washes her swatches, so her measurements are perfect.


Sylvie considers herself as a lazy knitter – how much faster can she knit with the least fuss? She loves to challenge her students in order to raise their skill levels, and her projects are always easy if  approached one stitch at a time.


Jovial, and timid at times, she knows how to pass on her knowledge. She loves to knit sweaters - and everything else! Her favourite colours? All of them!


Our doyenne! The technique, she knows about it. Very generous of her time, she has Pure Laine at heart. She is THE Pure Laine's shawl maker, one for every occasion and probably for every room! Great in jacquard and all that is sweater / cardigan for men or women. She loves to spoil family members with her confections.


Sweet and attentive and available to her students, she knits everything! Love the variety in her projects, whether in the choice of models, fibers and colors! She is the designer of the so popular "Un air de fleuve" that you can find in our ready-to-knit kits. To see all her patterns..


She is our "speedy gonzalez" .... And even having 4 children! Mostly knit sweaters. Her favorite technique ever: Elizabeth Zimmermann's Sewn Bind Off! Ha yes I forgot ... the sample ... washed more! it's non-negotiable and not just a few inches ... More than 10 cm x 10 cm to measure well ... nobody is saved.


She calls herself a lazy "knitter" ... or how to do faster with less movement ☺ She likes to "challenge" her students to change their level of knitting and with her, projects are always easy .... One stitch at a time, we can go far!


Rican, timid at times, she knows how to transmit her knowledge! Love knitting sweaters and everything else !!! Her colors? All!!