Stress Relief: Knit Away Your Worries

Anxiété, Tricot

I went back to knitting about 15 years ago. My niece, who had never knitted before, started to knit when she was under alot of stress in University. I was about 5-6 years old when my mom taught me to knit. I wanted to be with her and do everything like her.

I knit everywhere... at work, in the car, at friends' houses, on vacation...A little me time, I knit, even if it's to do a few rows. I admit, at the beginning, I was embarrassed to knit...but when people saw the result, it quickly became contagious. I remember that one of my employees, in my former life, asked me to knit him a tuque (I worked with guys, and when they came into my office at lunch time and saw me knitting, it made them smirk). And guess what? Everyone wanted a tuque "like Ben"! Knitting became cool all of a sudden, I went from being the "granny" to cool haha!

Why am I telling you this story? Because knitting is good for you! Knitting helps relieve stress! It also increases a sense of wellbeing. Knitting can induce a form of meditation, the back and forth of the needles, and watching my work progress and take shape. Thinking about the person I will offer it to. Thinking about my next project...what color, what brain is creating and it feels great!

We feel a sense of accomplishment when a project is finished. And when offering the finished project to someone who is grateful...Wow! that feeling of happiness. 

I agree, sometimes we undo, we pick a little, but at the end, we achieved our goal and we feel good about it.

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