Circular or Straight Needles?

Are you a beginner? 

Do you want to buy a set of knitting needles?

What to choose between circular needles or straight, bamboo or Stainless?

I wholeheartedly recommend circular needles for all your projects. Why?

  • You can knit seamless items - no sewing required
  • Far more comfortable to work with, circular needles take less elbow room and allow you to keep your arms close to your body. The weight of your project is always evenly distributed, unlike straight needles where either arm is carrying all the weight of your knitting.
  • Circulars are more economical - you don't need straight needles at all!

Are you convinced yet?


Comparing bamboo needles (not wood) vs. stainless steel needles (Chiaogoo): 

Aside from personal taste, these are our recommendations:

  • Knit tightly? Use metal needles
  • Knit loosely? Bamboo needles will help grip your yarn
  • Knitting slippery yarn? Silk and mohair yarns are easier to work with using bamboo needles.
  • Hate the sound of needles clicking? Bamboo is for you.

I highly recommend that you try various needles before deciding to invest in a needle kit.