Samples presented at the 2022 festivals

MadamAdore by Le Style Knitting

Knit starting at the bottom with 2 strands of wool.

  • Pattern to purchase in French
  • Nueva by Fibre Carpe Diem 
  • Sample Color: Bois d'épave 
  • Size of sample: 98 cm
  • Recommended needles: 4.5 - 5 mm
  • Intermediate

How to choose your size: measure your hip size and choose the size closest to your result:

78 cm4
98 and 118 cm5
137 cm6

Note that this is not the final measurement, the positive ease will be included in your pattern depending on the size chosen, 14 to 16 cm depending on the size

Ex: hip size of 97cm, I choose the size 98 cm and my final project will have 112 cm of hip circumference.