Monthly Discovery Hat in a Box

By Pure Laine

Monthly Discovery Hat in a Box
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Await your surprise packages the whole year through!

We are offering a monthly hat in a box, that you can keep in a special drawer to prepare for Christmas 2020, or to offer on special occasions.

Your personal hat collection will grow, each one carefully hand made, by you!

The hat in a box allows you to discover a new yarn each month, some classic yarns or a new fiber to try - each one curated by us.

Each box will arrive with hat pattern recommendations based on fiber content or colour.

** The MAY edition is perfect for Mother's Day. The patterns and colours are particularly feminine! The surprise is sure to please all mothers and to finish, you can write us a little note in comment of your order that we will take care to write in a card and slip it in the box. You can choose to have the gift sent to another address so that it goes directly to your mom or grandma!

In summary:

  • Sufficient yarn to complete one hat
  • Commercial or hand dyed yarn.
  • 3 pattern recommendations (with promo code and at least one in French)

The hat in a box will be mailed, or available for pick up at the store, the last week of the month.