Monday Socks Yarn Kit by Josée Paquin

By Pure Laine

Monday Socks Yarn Kit by Josée Paquin
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This kit is to knit up "Monday Socks" by Josée Paquin 

According to Josée, this is her "go to" sock pattern - she uses it all the time. A great look that is liked by everyone. Will you go classic or will you choose a zany colour?

The kit includes;

  • One complete skein of the main colour (the pattern calls for 1/2 skein but this gives you the option of lengthening the cuff or up-sizing as needed. If you use just half, then you can make 2 pairs with this kit!
  • Quantity of yarn required for the other colours.

You will need:

  • The pattern, in English & French, is available for purchase here.
  • Knitting needles -2.25 mm