Yarn kit for So Chic collar by Jean-Philippe cliche


Yarn kit for So Chic collar by Jean-Philippe cliche
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Gorgeous, warm and soft collar! 

Knitted with Roméo yarn by Émilia & Philomène, this is an unisex collar, and its double layered design makes it perfect for a chilly winter. The external layer is made with Peruvian yarn to keep the cold at bay and retain warmth. The inner layer is knitted with Clémence yarn, made with alpaca and silk. It's softness will make you feel like you have a cloud wrapped around your neck. Warmth and softness, that's what you pattern has to offer.

Oh, and it's also gorgeous! The design is sleek, the collar is perfect for every occasion, and it's unisex. We love everything about it!

The kit includes:

You will also need (not included with the kit):

  • Pattern available for purchase on Ravelry
  • Needles: 6.5mm circular needles. Please knit a swatch and adjust your needle size to obtain gauge (14 stitches over 10cm with two Roméo threads).

Skill level: beginner

Size: 38 x 30 cm / 15 x 12 in

Care: hand was in warm or cold water

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