Discovery Boxes - 12 months of Country Socks

By Pure Laine

Discovery Boxes - 12 months of Country Socks
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This product is available in pre-order. It takes about 2 to 3 weeks to receive it.

Product Details

After a few months of downtime and numerous demands from you, the Discovery Boxes are back for the next 12 months in a different format.

Please read on to learn about the new format.

  • The quarterly boxes will be created according to the sock patterns of the book Champêtre by Marie-Christine Lévesque (to be published on October 1st) in the same order as the book. You could of course purchase a box and choose your own project.
  • The book is offered as an option (in French). All individual patterns will be available on Ravelry starting September 30, 2022 (French and English).
  • Boxes will be mailed (or available for pick up in store).
  • To receive your box before the first day of the time frame, you must order before the first of the previous month (see table below). You can buy the boxes even after this date, although we will do our best to deliver them on time, we cannot guarantee their reception before the first of the month.
  • Surprise colors! All boxes will have the same colors. Mostly dyed by Fibre Carpe Diem.

Time Frame:

  1. nov., dec., jan. (winter)
  2. feb., march, april (spring)
  3. may, june, july (summer)
  4. august, sept., october (fall)


  1. Octber 1
  2. January 1
  3. April 1
  4. July 1

Ship date:

  1. week of October 24
  2. week of January 23
  3. week of April 24
  4. week of July 24
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